Truong Gia Binh

FPT Corporation

Born: 1956

On 13th September 1988, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, together with other twelve Vietnamese scientists, overcame obstacles and difficulties to establish FPT Corporation.

Since the time he defended his PhD Math thesis, he dreamed of building a company that would help take his country out of poverty. Nothing describes his desire better than the FPT vision, written on day one: “FPT is striving to become a company guided by technological innovations, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to the nation’s prosperity and providing its employees with the most favorable work environment possible, enabling them to reach their full potential in terms of their careers and personal lives.”

During the company’s development, Mr. Binh has been its spirit upholder, its leader and the keeper of the sharply-grown-up FPT.

Under his guidance, FPT has become the leading ICT Company in Vietnam, which is making the best effort to become a global one.

Besides being an enterprise leader, he is also an enthusiastic man towards his nation and influences IT-related policies by the Vietnamese government. In 2013, he was awarded Nikkei Asia Prize in the category of regional growth for having contributed not only to the development of his own company but also to the development of IT business in Vietnam.

Working Exprience:
2013 to now Chairman of the Board of FPT Corporation
2012 – 2013 Chairman of the Board cum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FPT Corporation
2009 – 2012 Chairman of the Board of FPT Corporation
2002 – 2009 Chairman of the Board cum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FPT Corporation
1988 – 2002 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FPT Corporation
2001 to now Chairman of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA)
1998 – 2005 Chairman of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association

Mr. Binh graduated from Mechanical Mathematics Department of Moscow National General University named Lomonosov of the former Soviet Union, which is now Russian Federation in 1979. He successfully obtained his PhD. in 1982 from this university and was honored as an Associate Professor by the State of Vietnam in 1991

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