Takehiko "Ken" Koyanagi

Publisher, Nikkei Asian Review
Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.

Takehiko "Ken" Koyanagi is a 26-year veteran journalist currently covering IT, internet, media and telecommunications businesses for The Nikkei daily newspaper. Since summer 2012, he has been directing development of the Nikkei Asian Review, a new English-language multi-platform publication. During 2009-2012, he directed website and service development of The Nikkei Online Edition. Previous positions include Silicon Valley Bureau Chief of Nikkei and staff writer of the Nikkei Business weekly magazine. Joining Nikkei in 1988, he earlier covered the Tokyo equity market, Japanese banking industry, Ministry of Construction, venture capitals, semiconductor industry, etc., as a Nikkei staff writer. He studied political science at Penn State University Graduate School as a Rotary Foundation Ambassador of Good Will. He graduated in 1986 with a B.A. degree in Political Science and French Language from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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